Maximizing B2B Lead Quality and ROI: Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn's Targeted Ads and Retargeting Strategy

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LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B companies looking to generate high-quality leads and close deals with professionals. While the cost-per-lead and cost-per-click on LinkedIn may be higher than those on Facebook and Google, LinkedIn's lead quality, close rates of meetings, transaction size, and lifetime value of deals frequently surpass those of other platforms, making it worth the extra cost. Additionally, LinkedIn's hyper-targeted approach allows companies to identify business leaders and decision-makers in B2B companies, which Facebook and Google struggle to do.

Understanding the Power of Cold Targeting and Retargeting in LinkedIn Ads

One of the primary distinctions between LinkedIn ads and the other options is that LinkedIn starts by "cold targeting" or displaying ads to those who aren't actively looking for your solution and haven't requested it. On the other hand, Google targets people at the bottom of the funnel. Therefore, it's not a fair comparison because it's a different marketing strategy targeting prospects at different stages of their buying journey. To make LinkedIn ads work, companies need to use their retargeting layer to retarget people on LinkedIn who have previously visited their website or interacted with their ads on other platforms.

Unleashing the Hidden Superpower of LinkedIn Retargeting

By using LinkedIn retargeting, companies can improve the return on investment (ROI) of their other channels. The LinkedIn Insights tag can see the traffic to your website from any source, such as successful Facebook or Google search ads. It can then qualify the traffic and retarget those people on LinkedIn for the next 90-180 days and show them the other ads that are being run on different platforms. This is how LinkedIn retargeting helps supercharge the ROI from your Google ads.

In conclusion, the value of LinkedIn ads is not just about the cost-per-click or cost-per-lead. The platform offers high-quality leads, high close rates, and transaction size, making it worth the higher price tag. LinkedIn's hyper-targeted approach also allows companies to identify business leaders and decision-makers in B2B companies, which other platforms struggle to do. By integrating LinkedIn retargeting into their ecosystem, companies can improve the ROI of their other channels, making LinkedIn a highly effective channel by itself and a great addition to their overall marketing ecosystem.

Use LinkedIn Ads Today to Get Quality Leads

Many people believe that LinkedIn ads are too expensive when considering the service level, numbers, and leads. However, a closer examination of the quality and deal sizes reveals the actual value for the money paid. By utilizing LinkedIn's effective retargeting strategy, it is possible to blend the performance of other platforms and gain new customers, making LinkedIn ads even more advantageous compared to others.

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